User Guide DBR-D1

Best Voice Activated Recorder Device - for Clear Audio Recording in Meetings & Lectures, Portable Digital Dictaphone Mini mp3 Player, Ultra Sensitive Microphone, Earphones, USB Cable, by dB9PRO

Turn on the power switch and turn on the recorder.
Slide down the “Power switch”, and the recorder is switched OFF.

Hint: When the recorder is not in playback mode, and if there is no activity for 5 minutes, the recorder will power off automatically. This is the auto power off function and can be set in the menu under “Auto Switch Off”.
  1. Headphone jack
  2. Record/Save button
  3. Rewind/Previous file button
  4. Fast forward/Next file button
  5. Volume up button
  6. Volume down button
  7. Pilot light
  8. Screen
  9. Pause/Play button
  10. Speaker
  11. USB port
  12. Power switch
  13. Expansion CARDS
  14. Menu button
The power switch on the recorder must be ON. Please connect the recorder to your computer via the USB cable (supplied). Insert the micro USB end of the cable to the recorder, and the USB end to the USB port of a computer which is ON. You may also use a phone charger.

When the recorder is charging, the screen will show the battery charge indicator at the top right.
  • Turn on the recording switch to enter recording mode.
  • Place the recorder so that the built-in microphones face the direction of the source to be recorded.
  • The new file will be automatically recorded as the last file in the current folder.
  • Slide down the “Record/Save button”, in the direction of “SAVE” to stop and save your recording.
  • Press the “M” key on the side of the device to switch between the Recording folder/Music folder. Press “>||” to play.
  • Press “|<<” or “>>|” button to select the file you want to playback, and then press “>||” button to start playing the file.
  • Press “+” or “” button to adjust the volume.
  • Press “>||” button to Pause play.
  • In PLAY mode, press “M” to select “A”. Once “A” starts flashing on the screen, press this button again to select “B”, and then the segment “A-B” of the file will start repeating.
  • Once selected, it will repeat and play back the A-B interval
  • Press “M” again to cancel.
When the recorder is in standby mode (not playing a file), select the file you want to delete, hold down “+” or “” key to enter.
  • Press “|<<” or “>>|” buttons to select “No”/ “Yes”/ “Delete all”. Press “>||” to confirm your choice.
  • “No”: Cancel the Delete process.
  • “Yes”: Delete single file.
  • “Delete all”: Delete all files in folder.
  • Press the “>||” button to confirm.
  • Press “M” to return standby mode.
Note Once a file has been erased, you cannot retrieve it.
  • Download music to the root directory of the machine through USB.
  • Press “M” to enter the MP3 player interface.
  • Play music just like playing a recording file.
In standby mode, hold down “M” button to enter.
  • For scrolling through the options, press the “>||” button to select, press the “M” key to exit.
  • Press “>>|” to select the recording settings, press the “>||” to enter.

Press “>||” briefly, then select “memory”, “card”, and then press “>||” to save your recording in your preferred location storage. Press “M” to exit.

  • Record type
  1. 384K BPS
  2. 192K BPS
  3. 128K BPS
  4. 64K BPS
  5. 32K BPS
  • Recorder Mode (VOR on/off)
  1. Normal Mode
  2. VOR Mode (Voice Activated Recording)

Note: In VOR mode, if the ambient noise level exceeds -40dB, the recorder will start recording. If the ambient noise level drops below this threshold, it will stop recording and resume once the threshold is exceeded. If you want to be ready to record at short notice, you can use this feature, keeping in mind the noise threshold.

Use this feature for live monitoring during a recording. This feature needs earphones to be used.
  1. Disable
  2. Enable
You can scroll through the various options for this feature using “<<” or “>>”. Please press “>||” to confirm, and press “M” to exit.
  • Open
  • 5 S
  • 10 S
  • 20 S
  • 30 S
Save battery charge by selecting screen saver settings.

You can select and press “>||” to confirm, and press “M” to exit.

  • Press “>>” to select the desired position.
  • Press “+/-” to adjust the number.
Please press “>||” to confirm, and press “M” to exit.
  • Scroll through the options and select your preferred choice.
  • Multi language support
For this function, select the auto record option, then press the “>||” button to confirm, and press the “M” key to exit. Auto Record options:
  1. Record (Off)
  2. Record (On)
Note: Your recorder time must be synchronized to the current time zone (see time settings).
  • Timed recording: The power switch must be ON.
  • Set the time at which you want to start recording: Record (On) – (sort of like setting an alarm).
  • To adjust the time at which you would like the recording to begin, press “<<” or “>>” to select the hour or minute, and use “+/-” to adjust the time. Once it is set, you need to also specify the duration of the recording (Length) in minutes. Once set, at the specified time, the recording will start automatically and once it has reached the specified length, the file will be saved and the recorder will go to sleep mode by itself.
Select the Password option, then press the “>||” button to confirm, and press the “M” key to exit
  1. Password Off
  2. Password On
  • When you select “Password On”, you can set a password to the device.
Password Set
  • Press “<<” or “>>” to adjust position, “+/-” to adjust the number.
  • If you have set a password, when you boot with the connection PC you will need a password.
  • Please store your password in a safe place. If you forget the password, enter 9999 and hold down the “M” key to bypass the password.
  1. Close
  2. 1 Minute
  3. 5 Minute
  4. 10 Minute
  5. 30Minute
  6. 60Minute

Use the “<<” or “>>” keys to select your preference in setting the switch off time.

Connect the Recorder to the PC via the USB cable.

Copy files or folders to your computer.

Note: Copy files from the computer to the recorder. Any music files (for mp3 playback on the recorder) must not be put inside the RECORD folder. They should be simply copied to the root directory.
Display screen 96*64 LCD screen
Disk Capacity 8GB/16GB/32GB
Product size 4.03X0.94X0.53 Inches
Weight 2.40 Oz
Recording Format WAV
Recording Mode Microphone
WAV Recording 8GB 16GB 32GB
PCM/384kbps 47hrs 94hrs 188hrs
SHQ 94hrs 188hrs 376hrs
HQ 139hrs 278hrs 556hrs
SP Rec/64kbps 278hrs 556hrs 1112hrs
LP Rec/32kbps 560hrs 1120hrs 2240hrs
Music Format MP3,WAV
Interface USB2.0
Usage Temperature 0°C~45°C
Power Supply Built-in lithium polymer
Battery Capacity 1100mAh
Earphone jack 3.5 mm Stereo
Built in speaker 8Ω1W