dB9PRO VR1.0

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Voice Recorder for Lectures Digital Audio Recording Device by dB9PRO VR1.0 - 8GB Mini Sound Recorder with USB (in 3 colors – Grey | Black | Silver)

 ►NEVER MISS SOMETHING IMPORTANT AGAIN! Have you ever appeared in a test and wondered when your teacher even covered those topics in class? Or what about that time you missed an important assignment you were handed at a business meeting, but you plain forgot? Of course, it didn’t really help that in all those situations that they were speaking at 200 words per minute, so how could you have kept up anyway? Just let our dB9PRO VR1.0 dictaphone help you remember what is important to you!

►THE BEST WAY TO TAKE NOTES: Did you know that no matter how fast you are, whether you write or type, you can only capture about 20-30% of what is spoken? You are also missing the full sensory experience of what is being shared. With our dB9PRO voice recorders, you never have to miss a thing, so you can capture 100% for easy review afterwards! Get more productivity out of your meetings and classes by taking notes with your new sound recorder.

►AMAZING GIFT IDEA! Our premium dB9PRO sound recorder makes an amazing gift for students, journalists, musicians, poets, lawyers, business professionals, and even to record a cute song sung by your child to listen back to years later. Our voice activated recorders can hold 8GB of data, or 48 hours of audio, with a battery life of 7-10 hours. Please use Windows Media Player for Windows 10, or VLC Media Player for Mac.

►RECORD CLEAR SOUND FROM UPTO 15 FT AWAY! Are you interested in recording the magical sounds of your baby’s first words, the music of birds singing on a nature walk, or the thrilling tales of your grandparents’ memories? Now you can capture those important sounds with crisp, clear audio recordings to treasure for a lifetime. And never run out of charge with our special ‘Record While You Recharge’ feature!

►ENJOY OUR “BETTER SOUND RECORDING” GUARANTEE – Taking care of our customers is our highest priority. With over 50,000 happy customers, our mission has always been to provide superior audio products, top-notch customer support, helpful e-Books, and amazing results! If you are not 100% happy with our dB9PRO digital voice pocket recorder, we will provide you with a full refund. Go ahead and click the yellow “Add to Cart Button” today and experience the difference!

Record While You Recharge!

►Yes, our amazing recording device can recording while recharging. Here is how:

►Put the switch ON

►Wait for light to go OFF

►Plug it into USB power source (computer or phone charger) (Note: Data cannot be accessed in this state)

►Remove recorder from charging source

►Switch the device OFF

►Plug into your computer USB port to access the recording

Important Features

►2-in-1 USB flash drive + voice recorder

►Gives you 7-10 hours of recording on a single charge, with the ability to store 48 hours of audio or 8GB of data

►Records at 384 kbps, 48 kHz

►Small, light and portable pocket recorder

►Records on the go – does not need a computer to record with

►To listen to your recordings please plug into a computer. Windows 10 users, please use Windows Media Player instead of Groove Music. Mac users please use VLC Media Player (free to download).

►2 Free E-books with over 76 power-packed pages of tips, information and ideas, as well as quick start and helpful FAQs.

►Single ON/OFF switch for hassle-free operation. No cables or special expertise needed.

►Comes in an attractive metal box with 2 Lanyards!

Flash Memory 8GBRecording
Format WAVRecording
Bit Rate 384kbps
Sampling Rate 48 Khz
Power Supply Built-in 110mAh rechargeable lithium battery
Charging Time 3 hours via USB port
Battery Time About 7-10hours when fully charged
Recording Capacity About 48hoursof audio. Recording starts 5 seconds after turning on, and finishes recording 5 seconds after turning off, for firmware working time.
System Support Windows2000/XP/vista/7/8/10, Mac OSX
Recording Range Upto 15ft(depending on the acoustic environment), although shorter distances are more ideal
Audio Output Plug into computer to playback recorded audio
PC-interface USB 2.0
Weight 16g
Lanyards 2 pieces (included in box)
Size 65 X 20 X 7mm
Warranty 1 year

VR1.0​ 8GB 384kbps 48 hours No 7-10 hours 1 LED (does not indicate full charge) No No No No
VR2.0 8GB 512kbps 36 hours No 10-14 hours 4 LEDS (each LED represents upto 25% charge) No No No No
D-VRMP1 8GB 192kbps 96 hours No 20- 24 hours No No No Yes Yes
dBR-D1 8GB 384kbps down to 32kbps (adjustable) 48-580hours (without additional TF card) – depending on chosen bitrate Yes, upto 32GB microSD/TF card 180 hours Yes, icon on screen Yes Yes Yes Yes

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